Siemens Somatom 64 CT Scanner



  • Superior image quality is the sound foundation for precise contouring and accurate radiotherapy treatment planning.
  • Computed Tomography is the first-choice diagnostic imaging method supported by PET CT and MR and the basis for sustainable treatment planning in radiation therapy.
  • The Somatom Definition AS Open is a high-end CT system that efficiently covers both diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy needs.
  • It provides cutting edge CT technology and crystal-clear image quality that shows even very small details. And thanks to the high-speed acquisition, motion artifacts can be prevented.
  • In addition, with the Somatom Definition AS Open you acquire images with minimized dose for every patient and every examination.
  • The simplified CT handling allows for reliable imaging outcomes meaning you benefit from excellent clinical image quality with significantly less resources bound to the CT.
  • The scanner has been specially designed to support you in radiation oncology, from planning to follow up. And as your CT comes from the number one in diagnostic imaging, you can be sure you share in Siemens constant innovation process and you stay on the technological cutting edge for the years to come. Enter the world of Somaton Definition AS Open and meet the CT that will excite you

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Model Name/Number

Somatom Definition AS


20 or 64 (Acquired Slices), 60 or 192 (Reconstructed Slices)

Rotation Speed

0.5/1 S/Rotation (0.33 S/Rotation Optional)

Temporal Resolution

250 ms (165 ms Optional)

Minimum Voxel Size

0.4 mm (0.33 mm Optional)

Bore Diameter

80 cm

Tube Heat Capacity

50 MHU

Tube Cooling Rate

7.3 MHU/min

Generator Power

80 kW (100 kW Optional)


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